Weekend Workshop on Forest Ecology

Who wants to learn more about forests? Who doesn’t!? Come join me for a weekend workshop, June 24-26, at the Harrison-Lewis Centre, South Shore Nova Scotia.IMG_6260

“We’ll spend a bit of time in the classroom discussing basic forest ecology and woodlot management, and we’ll spend a lot of time in the woods getting close and personal with some of Nova Scotia’s finest biodiversity. Come away from the weekend knowing how to identify our trees and common forest plants, a better understanding of how our forests tick, and how to think about working with your own forest. Jamie is a professional forester with a background in forest ecology. He’s the author of two books on our eastern forests, “Restoring the Acadian Forest: A guide to forest stewardship for woodland owners in Eastern Canada,” and “Journeys Through Eastern Old-Growth Forests,” both with Nimbus Publishing. He also has a degree in law, but asks that this not be held against him. Enrollment limited to 14 participants.”

  1. Maggie said:

    Good day 😀 !
    Thank you for the lovely work you are doing for the Planet. I am grateful!
    I am in the beginning planning stages of reforesting a small plot on the Saint John River which was used for over a hundred years as an apple orchard.
    I would love it if you came to the Fredericton, NB area ( along the Saint John River) which is in much need of Acadian Reforesting. We also have the Forestry School here in Fredericton, so I’m sure you’d get a ton of people attending a weekend workshop.
    Thanks! 😀 and have a great week!
    Maggie Beukeveld

  2. Many thanks for the good words! I appreciate it. And enjoy the good work with your land on the Saint John River – it’s a beautiful area.

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