Weekend workshop on backyard forestry: February 11-12.

Hello!  Just a quick note to let you know that I’m teaching a weekend workshop on backyard forestry: February 11 – 12.  It’s taking place at the Deanery Project, on the eastern shore.  We’ll cover tree and shrub identification (yes, winter identification), basic forest ecology and forest management (with a focus on crop tree selection).  https://www.facebook.com/events/101875320324470/



  1. Paula Arruda said:

    Hello, I finally came over to find your blog after seeing a note about your upcoming weekend workshop at the Deanery. Unfortunately, I have come across it a little late but I am checking if I can extract myself from our family weekend schedule : ) to attend and have been in touch with the Deanery to check about available spots. Are you planning to do this again any time soon? Even in another area of the province. Looking forward to exploring your writing after finding and appreciating your writing in your book, Nova Scotia Naturally, and in other references (Otter Ponds…) Well done in bringing attention to this important topic.
    Kind Regards, Paula

    • Hello Paula,
      Thanks for your message here — I hope you can make it to the workshop this weekend (I think they’re allowing people to come for just one day, too). But yes, there’s another workshop in the works, likely sometime in July, at the Harrison Lewis Centre on the south shore.
      Best wishes!

      • Paula Arruda said:

        Hello Jamie,

        Thank You for your note. I have just registered for the weekend workshop.

        I look forward to meeting you. Paula


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